Laura Burdick


Training and Technical Assistance


Field Support Coordinator

Burdick provides training and technical assistance to CLINIC affiliates on immigration program management and capacity building as Field Support Coordinator. Since coming to CLINIC in 1997, she has managed national, state and local citizenship and integration projects and provided naturalization training, technical assistance and policy advocacy.

Most recently, she was the Project Coordinator for two national capacity-building grants from the Office of Citizenship and CLINIC’s National Asylee Information and Referral Line, which operated from 2001 to 2012. Other projects have included a national immigrant organizing project in 15 cities and a national project for technical assistance to more than 130 agencies serving elderly refugees in 27 states.

Prior to joining CLINIC, Burdick worked for refugee resettlement agencies in Texas and Virginia. She holds a master’s degree in social work administration, policy and planning from Virginia Commonwealth University and a bachelor’s degree from Smith College in Massachusetts.