Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about our website. Right now, we only have frequently asked questions about training. If you have a question that is not answered here, please email us.

Who can register for a CLINIC training?

CLINIC trainings are open to the staff and volunteers of CLINIC affiliates, any other nonprofit agency, and private attorneys and their staff. Independent non-attorney legal workers are not eligible to register for CLINIC trainings.

I am a government employee. Can I register for a CLINIC training?

If you are a government employee, you may not register for this training without prior authorization from CLINIC. You may request permission to register by contacting CLINIC at

How do I register for a CLINIC training?

All registration for CLINIC trainings is conducted on our website. Before you register for any training, you must create a user account on our website. If you do not have a user account already, visit to get started.

I have a user account but I forgot my username or password. What can I do?

If you forgot your user name, please email for assistance. If you forgot your password, please go to and click on the “Request new password” tab.

Can I share my user account with other staff at my agency or law office?

Every individual who wants to register for a CLINIC training needs to create an individual user account which should not be shared with other colleagues. Each user account should relate to a separate individual in the agency with an email address specific to that person.

Is there a deadline for training registration?

All CLINIC training announcements include the registration deadline. Generally, registration closes the day before the training commences unless the training is already at capacity.

I do not have funds to register for a training. Does CLINIC offer training scholarships?

CLINIC does not provide scholarships for fee-based training unless otherwise noted in the training information on the CLINIC website. Note that CLINIC offers many webinars without fee and has several webinar recordings posted on the CLINIC website.

Are CLE credits provided for all of your trainings?

CLINIC is authorized by the State Bar of California to provide minimum continuing legal education (MCLE) training. If you are a California attorney, you are eligible to claim 1.5 hours of MCLE credits for each live webinar you attend in our e-learning immigration law courses. To receive MCLE credit, please provide your state bar number when you register for each live webinar. You may seek self-study CLE credit for viewing any recorded webinars posted on the course website. If you are an attorney licensed in another state, please check with your state bar to determine whether this training qualifies for MCLE credit.

Are training certificates issued for all trainings?

Training certificates are issued for attendance at live webinars and in-person trainings, and for completion of all e-course requirements. We are not able to issue certificates of attendance for viewing recorded webinars that are not part of an e-course.

What training is right for my level of experience?

CLINIC conducts a wide variety of trainings, including those geared to the new practitioner and those directed at experienced practitioners. The training description and draft agenda include a detailed description of the topics to be covered which should help you decide if the training is presented at a level appropriate to your knowledge and experience. You may also contact the training instructor listed in the training flier for more information about the training level. Note that “Introductory” and “Overview” trainings are designed for the practitioner who does not have experience in the training topic.

What training should I take if I am seeking initial accreditation or to support the renewal of my accreditation?

CLINIC ‘s resources on initial accreditation and renewal of accreditation describe all eligibility requirements for seeking and renewing accredited representative status, including obtaining appropriate training. To access these CLINIC resources, click here.

How do I receive announcements of upcoming trainings?

You can sign up to receive CLINIC training and webinar announcements by visiting the CLINIC website at and subscribing to all categories of emails you’d like to receive.

How do I access the course website?

Each CLINIC e-course has a corresponding course website with course self-study materials and webinar recordings posted after the webinar is conducted. If you don't have a user account for your our e-learning site, you will be sent a username and password to access the course website on the first day of the course. Note that you cannnot access the course website through the CLINIC website.

I have taken an e-learning course and already have a username and password. Can I continue to use the same one?

If you already have a username and password from participating in a prior e-course, you should use them to access any new e-course you take.

I forgot my elearning username? What can I do

If you forgot your username, please email us at

What if I can’t make all of the scheduled live webinars?

All live course webinars are recorded and posted on the course website so you can listen to the recording at your convenience.

What is required to receive a course completion certificate in an e-learning course?

All e-learning courses specify the course completion requirements; generally students are required to complete certain self-study requirements in addition to attending or viewing recordings of all course webinars. Each course specifies a deadline for completion of required activities.

I registered with CLINIC for the webinar but did not receive further information about confirmation or instructions. What should I do?

Please e-mail us at Be sure to include the name of the training and the e-mail address you used to register.

Will I get a certificate?

CLINIC issues certificates of attendance to everyone who attended a live webinar within 24 hours after the webinar is conducted. Certificates of attendance can only be issued to those who individually signed in to the live webinar; if you listened to the live webinar with others but did not separately register for the webinar, you will not receive a certificate.

If I bought a webinar series, where do I find the recordings for the webinar series?

You will receive instructions on how to access the recordings after the conclusion of the first webinar in the series. Individuals who purchase a webinar series have access to posted recordings of all webinars in the series until one month following the last webinar.

I purchased an individual webinar. Can I access the recording(s) for the webinar(s) I purchased?

Access to webinar series recordings is only available to those who purchase the entire series.

What are the training fees?

These are our training fees for 2022. Unless otherwise specified in a training announcement, we do not have training scholarships or discounts. 



Nonprofit Agency Staff

Private Attorneys and Staff





Two-Part Webinar Series*


Three-Part Webinar Series*


Four-Part Webinar Series*




Virtual Workshop (Three days)


E-Course (4 week)*




E-Course (6 week)*




COIL: Comprehensive Overview of Immigration Law*




In-person (One Day)




In-person (Two Days)$260$285


*Access to the webinar recordings are provided with your purchase. 

 For other large conference events, please see specific information related to that event.

I registered for an online training. Can I receive a refund if I cancel my registration?

All registration changes or cancellations are subject to an administrative charge of $70.00. Please note that CLINIC can only issue refunds for an e-learning course until one week prior to the course opening date. There are no refunds for webinars, webinar series, or rapid e-learning courses. 

I registered for an in-person training. Can I receive a refund if I cancel my registration?

Requests for refunds will be accepted up to one week (7 days) prior to the start of the training. All refunds are subject to an administrative charge of $70.00. Cancellations for Convening are subject to an administrative charge of $100.00 and must be requested up to two weeks (14 days) prior to the start of training.

I registered for a training more than 4 months ago and now I can’t attend. Can I receive a refund if I cancel my registration?

Requests for refunds must occur within 110 days of the original transaction.

I registered for an in-person training but can no longer attend. Can I transfer my registration?

Registration can only be transferred within an organization. There are no extra charges or fees to transfer your registration. All transfer requests must be submitted no later than 5:00 pm EST the day prior to the start of the training.

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