Advocacy Toolkit: Religious Workers Are Essential

This toolkit serves as a resource which will point out current issues, updates, the policy brief and ways you can advocate for foreign-born religious workers, starting today.

Case Management

This toolkit is intended to facilitate the process of designing and/or improving the case management system in immigration program.


This toolkit contains a variety of resources collected and produced through CLINIC's citizenship projects.

Civic Participation

This toolkit gathers resources from past and current CLINIC initiatives along with many other resources from the field.

Community Education

This toolkit contains a variety resources of Catholic Social Teaching (CST), DACA, Family Based Integration, General, Naturalization, Removal Proceedings, and VAWA and U Visa.

Creating a Citizenship Preparation Program

This toolkit is designed for service providers and teaching professionals interested in creating a citizenship program.

Creating a Workplace ELL Program

This toolkit provides programs interested in pursuing partnerships with local employers willing to offer English language classes to their employees.

DOJ Recognition and Accreditation

This toolkit is designed to educate agencies on the need for DOJ recognition and accreditation and to assist them in the application process.


This toolkit provides ideas for working with local officials on immigrant integration.

Legal Services Practitioner (Affiliate-Only)

The toolkit includes sample practice materials, cover letters, document checklists, affidavits and other pleadings.

Naturalization Workshops

This toolkit is designed to help charitable immigration programs achieve a successful workshop.


This toolkit includes sample materials for managing a partnership, guidelines for working within a partnership, and tips on what to look for in a potential partner.

Rapid Response

This toolkit is provides best practices and lessons learned from communities conducting rapid responses during ICE raids and arrests

Removal (Affiliate-Only)

This toolkit includes resources to help you represent clients who are in pending removal proceedings or have an outstanding removal order.

Sanctuary Cities

This toolkit provides statistics related to the financial contributions undocumented immigrants make to local economies, as well as public policy arguments to support immigrant-friendly communities.

Staff Orientation to Charitable Immigration Legal Services

The guide is intended to assist supervisors of new hires in the on-boarding process and ultimately make new staff more effective advocates for immigrants.

Volunteer Management

This toolkit provides helpful information on how to recruit, retain and incorporate the volunteers into immigration reform program's plan.