Creating a Citizenship Preparation Program Toolkit

Last Updated

August 12, 2011

Citizenship test preparation and quality legal services go hand in hand in assisting an immigrant along the path to citizenship. A prospective bill for comprehensive immigration reform will most likely bring changes in legal and language requirements for citizenship. It is the job of all legal service providers and teaching professionals working with the foreign born to anticipate these requirements and prepare clients in advance. The Creating a Citizenship Program Preparation Toolkit will be helpful to anyone seeking ways to better serve the foreign born as they prepare to naturalize.

  1. Introduction: Tools for a Legal Program Interested in Starting a Citizenship Program
    Designed for legal immigration programs interested in creating a citizenship program.
  2. A Client’s Road to Citizenship through a Comprehensive Citizenship Preparation Program
    This chart details the step-by-step process a client follows in order to become a U.S. citizen.
  3. Program Needs for Legal and Language Service Programs
    Compare the programmatic and equipment needs for legal and language programs, and learn what components of these two programs can be shared.
  4. Language Service Program Models
    This chart will identify easy services to implement now plus provide ideas for services to plan for in the future.
  5. Planning for a Citizenship Program
    A sample Logic Model is provided to assist program development and a blank template can be printed for individual use.
  6. Program Development
    This resource to learn about possible program standards required by funders as well as potential sources of funding.
  7. How to Integrate Technology into Your Program
    This chart will pinpoint technological advances and improvements programs can make today and into the future.
  8. Sample Course Outlines for Citizenship Class
    Sample course outlines for both ELL-based civics classes and citizenship classes.
  9. Training and Other Resources
    These resources that can be used for planning legal and language service programs.
  10. FAQs
    Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding a citizenship preparation program.
  11. Terminology
    Learn the definitions of commonly used terms and acronyms.

Please also see CLINIC’s Creating a Workplace ELL Program for information on how to partner with local businesses and implement a workplace English Language Learning program.