As Biden Announces New Immigration Changes, CLINIC Calls for Humane Action Now

SILVER SPRING, Maryland — Following the confirmation of Alejandro Mayorkas to lead the Department of Homeland Security today, the Biden administration began to announce another round of executive actions that respect immigrants’ inherent humanity and begin the process of creating a functional asylum and immigration system. At the same time, expulsions and deportations of asylum-seekers who were not afforded due process under the prior administration continue.

Anna Gallagher, executive director of Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc., reacts to this incongruence:

CLINIC welcomes the Biden administration’s policy changes that recognize the inherent dignity of all people. They stand in stark contrast to the small-minded, xenophobic policies of the recent past.

The United States must return to observing international conventions and treaties, and being an example for human rights protection in the world. No human being should be sent back to harm. When our government shirked that responsibility for four years, people died. We can reclaim our reputation as a defender of human rights by ensuring that no person is deported, expelled or turned back to danger and death. That action must start today.

CLINIC is grateful for the leadership of our partners at Black immigrant-led and border-based organizations, and decries the expulsion of Haitian asylum-seekers, potential deportation of families detained in Dilley and the removal of dozens of people who fled atrocities in Cameroon, Angola, and other countries, scheduled for tomorrow.

We applaud the confirmation of Alejandro Mayorkas to lead the Department of Homeland Security. President Biden already laid out his vision for immigration enforcement on Day One. This vision must be turned into action starting today, and the deportations of these asylum seekers must be stopped.

CLINIC experts and our nationwide network of affiliates look forward to analyzing the policies President Biden will announce today, including developments on public charge, family separation, asylum and other issues.

Read our transition papers and recommendations for the new administration here: