CLINIC Joins Calls for TPS for Palestine and Mourns the Extreme Devastation and Loss of Life

SILVER SPRING, MarylandCLINIC is devastated over the escalating violence in Israel and Palestine. Given the extreme level of destruction, humanitarian crisis, and loss of civilian life in the region, we call on the Biden administration to do all in its power to protect those displaced by this intense wave of violence. In particular, at this time, CLINIC joins others in urging the administration to designate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Palestine, and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED).

"Our hearts are unspeakably heavy watching this violence unfold," said Anna Marie Gallagher, CLINIC executive director. "We firmly condemn and mourn the brutal attacks by Hamas on Israeli citizens and Israel’s killing of over 10,000 Palestinian civilians in Gaza. We cry out against the intentional targeting of civilians or dehumanization of individuals. As Catholics we believe all human life is precious, and we pray fervently for peace. As an organization focused on promoting the dignity and protecting the rights of immigrants, we call on the administration to take every action to protect those who have fled for their lives. TPS and DED for Palestinians would ensure that Palestinian civilians residing in the United States may remain here in safety given the extreme violence ongoing in the Palestinian territories. We urge the administration to make this decision without delay."