"Dangerous and Wrong:" CLINIC Responds to Parole Program and Title 42 Expansion for Venezuelans

SILVER SPRING, Maryland — Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced a “new migration enforcement process for Venezuelans.” Under a joint agreement with Mexico, Venezuelans who cross the border between ports of entry may now be returned to Mexico under Title 42. The federal government will accept 24,000 eligible Venezuelans under humanitarian parole as part of a sponsorship program similar to Uniting for Ukraine. Venezuelan asylum seekers who cross outside of ports of entry will not be eligible for parole. 

“The expansion of Title 42 expulsions is dangerous and wrong,” said Anna Gallagher, executive director of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc, or CLINIC. “We must not hide behind outdated COVID-19 era policies. We need real and lasting solutions to ensure a robust, well-functioning and fair asylum system for all who need it — regardless of race, religion or any other factor.” 

“This is another attempt to replace the lawful process of seeking asylum with a different, more restrictive framework that will not provide protection to many who are eligible for relief under U.S. and international law,” said Karen Sullivan, policy advocate at CLINIC

CLINIC joins those calling for the Biden administration to ensure Venezuelans can access their legal right to seek asylum and for the reconsideration and redesignation of Temporary Protected Status for Venezuela. 

“The opportunity for Venezuelans to receive parole through a process similar to Uniting for Ukraine would be welcome if the program operated alongside lawful asylum admissions at the border. But the imposition of asylum restrictions with this new program does not protect those Venezuelans seeking safety in the United States," Gallagher continued. “This decision will leave vulnerable Venezuelans stranded at the border.”