New DACA Rule Preserves Temporary Relief but Congressional Action Is Needed

SILVER SPRING, Maryland — On Wednesday, Aug. 24, the Biden administration announced a final regulation on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program after issuing a proposed rule one year ago. The rule is an effort by the administration to bolster the legal standing of the DACA program amid various attempts to terminate it.

"CLINIC welcomes this rule as a means to provide additional security for DACA recipients, who rely on this program to ensure they can remain in the United States with their families, friends and communities," said Anna Gallagher, CLINIC’s executive director. "For 10 years, DACA recipients have waited for a permanent solution to ensure they can gain legal status in the U.S., all the while living in fear that DACA could be rescinded, and they could be separated from their families and deported. While this new rule fortifies the existing DACA program, it is not a permanent solution, nor does it expand access for other deserving groups. We urge Congress to act with mercy, justice and compassion by creating a path to legal residency and citizenship for DACA recipients — our neighbors, friends and clients, whose home is here in the U.S."

Despite this important new rule, DACA remains in jeopardy due to ongoing litigation. DACA recipients — and other Dreamers — deserve lasting relief after waiting far too long. In solidarity with them, CLINIC continues to call on Congress for a just and permanent solution.