A Statement From the ED: CLINIC Calls for Senate to Quickly Confirm Ur Jaddou as Director of USCIS

The following is a statement from CLINIC Executive Director Anna Gallagher:

SILVER SPRING, Maryland — The work done by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is vitally important. From asylum to Temporary Protected Status, to green cards and citizenship, USCIS is the gateway to hope and life-changing opportunities for immigrants and their families.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services needs a leader who believes in its mission, understands its structure, supports its staff, and respects the law. With her experience, background, and commitment to immigration law and administration, Ms. Jaddou is clearly an excellent choice.

As the nation’s largest network of non-profit immigration legal services providers, CLINIC and our nearly 400 affiliates across the country help immigrants, citizens, and religious organizations navigate U.S. immigration laws. We do this because our love for others is how we express our faith and because we believe all people have a right to human dignity and family unity.

CLINIC applauds Ms. Jaddou’s nomination and looks forward to her swift confirmation. She will bring a renewed commitment to our shared goal of being a fair, equitable and welcoming United States.