Prayer for Migrants

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January 12, 2017

Please download this prayer card to share with your friends and family. The prayer was written by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of Brooklyn (available in Spanish).

Prayer for Migrants

Lord, we pray for the protection of all refugees, migrants and displaced people in the world today. You experienced the life of a migrant in the flight to Egypt, when Joseph and Mary fled their home to protect your life. Today, this phenomenon continues in a world that does not respect the vulnerable.

Help us to respond to the needs of these people, our brothers and sisters. You told us that when we welcome the stranger we welcome you and that the reward of that assistance is not forgotten on the day of our judgment.

We invoke the Migrant Family of Nazareth to protect those who migrate today. Keep them safe and bring them to their destinations with your guidance. Amen.     

By Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, Bishop of Brooklyn

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