A Prayer for New Citizens

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September 20, 2018

Heavenly God, we come before you with a heart full of thanksgiving and praise.

For it was you, Lord, who watched over our brothers and sisters as they journeyed from one land to another, in search of a safe, and bountiful life.

It was your grace and mercy that guided their path, and has allowed them to earn their rightful place as citizens of the United States.   

We come before you, to ask for continued guidance and protection as they embrace all that is before them.

As they have proven their knowledge and love to the United States of America, Lord, we ask that you grant them the wisdom to hold dear the ideals that drew them to the country; For them to remember that even in times of despair not only are you there, but these principles are still worth working for.

We ask that you strengthen their courage to cherish and share the cultures of their birth, as they embrace the culture of their future. May the two meld together in a way that is pleasing to you, creating a new vibrant community.

God, we also ask that you incite love and compassion into the hearts of all U.S. residents, be they citizens, new immigrants or visitors. Help us to see the power, beauty and humanity in every person we encounter. Help us to understand and accept the responsibility of your commandment to “love thy neighbor;” and to put our trust not in our privileges, but in one another, for without each other there is no prosperity.

Lord we ask these things in your holy name.


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