Civic Participation Curriculum

Last Updated

May 4, 2020

CLINIC's new civic participation curriculum has four modules that can be used all together or separately. Each module is one class session. The modules can be added to a citizenship class session or used for a separate course focusing exclusively on civic participation. The modules work best in a classroom setting, but can also be adapted and used one-on-one with a tutor or for self-study. The four modules could be spread over four weeks or offered as one, four-hour seminar. Community-based organizations, places of worship, libraries or ethnic-based organizations may offer this curriculum as a seminar or institute on how to be an engaged citizen, concluding with a brainstorming session on action steps. For each module, there is a teacher handbook and a student workbook with readings, discussion questions, and activities. We have also provided a student learning evaluation.

CLINIC hopes this curriculum will be a useful tool for educators and others wishing to facilitate civic participation by new Americans. For more information, visit our Civic Participation Toolkit.

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