CLINIC Submits Comment Opposing the Proposed Elimination of the 30-Day Processing Requirement for Asylum Applicants’ Initial Applications for Employment Authorization

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November 5, 2019

CLINIC submitted comments in response to the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) proposed regulation entitled “Removal of 30-Day Processing Provision for Asylum Seekers’ Initial  Employment Authorization Document Applications,” DHS Docket No. USCIS-2018-0001, RIN 1615-AC19. In this proposed regulation, which was posted on Sept. 9, 2019, DHS seeks to eliminate the rule, which requires it to process initial employment authorization documents (EADs) for asylum applicants within 30 days. Asylum applicants are prohibited from filing for an initial EAD until 150 days after submitting their asylum application. By removing the 30-day rule, asylum applicants will likely have to wait well over six months to be able to work lawfully and support themselves and their families. CLINIC strongly believes that the United States should be providing greater protections to vulnerable asylum seekers rather than making it more difficult for them to become self-sufficient.