Flashback Feature: CLINIC’s Annual Convening

Last Updated

January 31, 2024

Since 1998, CLINIC has held an annual convening to educate and train its Affiliate Network and other nonprofit legal immigration providers on the latest developments in immigration law. The inaugural CLINIC Convening was held in New Orleans in 1989, where it was repeated two decades later – four years after the lasting devastation of Hurricane Katrina. To meet our Affiliates where they are as the U.S. immigration legal landscape continues to shift, CLINIC Convening locations change each year, and have included cities of Miami, Seattle, San Diego, and Washington, D.C., just to name a few!

Through the years, CLINIC Convening has grown and changed, always informed by feedback from our Affiliates. Most recently, held over three days, CLINIC Convening provides an opportunity for advocates to gather and connect with other like-minded individuals committed to creating an equitable immigration system. Attendees can learn immigration law; maintain credentials to practice it; learn best practices shared by other service providers; advocate with local and national policymakers; and network with colleagues.

Last year, CLINIC took Phoenix by storm as we were “reunited and reignited” to be in person for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic. CLINIC Convening 2023 was the highest attended in-person Convening in CLINIC history with over 660 attendees. We look forward to continuing to build on our history and hope to see even higher attendance at CLINIC Convening 2024, which will be held in Minneapolis from May 29-31.