The Trump Administration’s Failure to Redesignate Countries for Temporary Protected Status

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April 22, 2019

CLINIC’s policy brief documents the Trump administration’s failure to redesignate Teporary Protected Status for any country, most notably for three war-torn countries—Yemen, Syria and South Sudan—which had received redes­ignations and 18-month extensions in every previous TPS decision. The failure to redesignate raises serious legal questions as to whether the administration employed the proper legal analysis and procedure in these and any of its TPS decisions. Additionally, the human consequenc­es of failure to redesignate are dire—people who most recently arrived from countries facing catastrophe and those who did not previously apply for TPS are unable to apply for protection, even though their need is just as acute. CLINIC conservatively estimates that at least 11,300 people have been affected by the administration’s failure to redesignate.