USCIS Processing Delays of El Salvador TPS Applications May Cause Loss of Work Authorization

Last Updated

August 31, 2018
Have you had trouble with a TPS work permit? Report USCIS processing delays here.

CLINIC has confirmed that there are some El Salvador TPS applications (Forms I-821 and I-765) that were filed during the most recent re-registration period (Jan. 18, 2018 – March 19, 2018) that have not yet been processed by USCIS. The processing delays are potentially problematic for TPS holders who are relying on the 180-day automatic extension of work authorization granted in the Federal Register Notice that will expire Wednesday, September 5, 2018. These TPS holders will lose work authorization at that time if they do not receive their new Employment Authorization Document (EAD) or if the USCIS does not automatically extend work authorization again.

We urge all representatives with affected clients to:

  • Submit a USCIS Service Request for each case outside of processing times. Affiliates can find CLINIC’s Tips for Contacting USCIS here.
  • If the applicant stands to lose their job, file an expedite request with the USCIS on the basis of financial loss.

Additional actions that you may consider:

  • Contact the Office of the CIS Ombudsman. See CLINIC’s tips on this process here.
  • Contact your Senators to inform them of the problem and request that they urge USCIS to resolve the problem by issuing a new Federal Register Notice.
  • Conduct outreach in your community to ensure that affected Salvadorans receive the help they need.

We have developed a graphic in Spanish and English that you can share on social media.

CLINIC is communicating with various government entities and is advocating for potential solutions for the problem. If you have any clients who are affected by this issue, we have created a fast and easy-to-use case collection form.

This information will be used to demonstrate the scope of this issue to government officials. No individual case liaison services will be provided through this case collection. We understand that many organizations held workshops to file TPS applications and may not have a G-28 on file for these cases. You may need to enter a G-28 in order to assist applicants to escalate their cases, but for the purposes of our case collection form, you do not need to be the attorney of record to add a case to our list.

Please continue to pay attention to announcements from CLINIC and USCIS, as we will provide information about the resolution of this matter as soon as possible. If you require additional information or assistance, please contact the advocacy team.