CLINIC and LawLogix Announce Naturalization Award for Users of EDGE

Last Updated

December 17, 2021

As an ongoing commitment to CLINIC’s affiliates, LawLogix, a division of Hyland, is proud to announce the CLINIC affiliate Naturalization Award. Starting Jan. 1, 2022, this exclusive benefit for CLINIC affiliates using LawLogix’s EDGE case management system will open Naturalization Processes for free. (Note: affiliates must use the dedicated Naturalization Process function in EDGE to benefit from the award.)

There are many related benefits from this new Naturalization Award. Here are some to consider when using the Naturalization Award or deciding to join LawLogix.

  1. Gain financial savings and apply savings to other programmatic needs.
  2. File more N-400s at no cost to the program, thereby increasing the number of new citizens in your community.
  3. Use EDGE for naturalization workshop events, in-person, virtual or hybrid since it is accessible via the internet.
  4. See new citizens returning to your program for legal representation in order to file immigration documents for family members.

There are many additional benefits when CLINIC affiliates use EDGE, including lower cost for other immigration processes, additional lower costs for making staff “master” users, free webinars on EDGE features, and more. Learn more at CLINIC’s Member and Subscriber webpages at

CLINIC and its network have enjoyed an agreement with LawLogix since 2012. More affiliates use EDGE and benefit from its advancing features. CLINIC and LawLogix are pleased to add the Naturalization Award to the list and look forward to new features in the future.

Affiliates are welcome to tell other nonprofits in their communities about EDGE, the Naturalization Award and CLINIC subscription. Nonprofits in your community participating in the New Americans Campaign, or NAC, would benefit the most.