EOIR Case Portal Registration and User Guide

Last Updated

April 29, 2024

Beginning in February 2022, practitioners have been required to use the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR) Courts and Appeals System (ECAS) for all filings in cases pending with EOIR. While electronic filing through ECAS is not available in cases with paper records of proceedings (i.e., cases in which the Notice to Appear was filed with the court prior to July 2018 and have not yet been converted to an electronic file), paper cases are becoming exceedingly rare. By default, practitioners should expect to submit all filings with EOIR via ECAS. This resource will guide you through the steps required to register for an EOIR account, log in to ECAS, submit a Form EOIR-28 Notice of Entry of Appearance (E-28), upload filings, and navigate the EOIR portal and Department of Justice (DOJ) email communications.