Rebekah Niblock, Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy


Last Updated

June 3, 2022

Aimee Mayer-Salins and Maddie Birky of Training and Legal Support assisted Rebekah Niblock, a CLINIC affiliate at Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, in filing a Motion to Reopen and Rescind immigration proceedings for a client. The client, a teenager from Honduras, fled his home country with his father after receiving death threats from a local gang. He had also been separated from his parent under the Zero Tolerance policy.

"From the very beginning, CLINIC truly cared for these clients and ensured they received local representation and then offered to guide me and later co-counsel with me to represent the child," said Niblock.

The immigration judge granted his Motion to Reopen and Rescind his case, which means he will be able to pursue his applications for asylum and other related relief. "CLINIC’s assistance was crucial to ensuring success in this case because there was a strict deadline for filing the client’s underlying immigration eligibility and submitting the motion," said Niblock. "Without CLINIC’s guidance, it would have taken me much more time and effort in figuring out the next steps in the case and exploring the best options with the client."

This case was one of the first completed under CLINIC's new Remote Motions to Reopen co-counseling model.

"The co-counseling model has truly benefited me and my professional growth and ability to zealously represent my clients," said Niblock. "What I found most helpful about the co-counseling model is the willingness of the CLINIC attorney to meet with me on multiple occasions, provide timely feedback and instructions, and review and edit my work product enabling me to truly learn by doing."