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May 9, 2016

About text4refugees

text4refugees logoStarting in 2016, CLINIC’s text4refugees (1-352-New2USA / 1-352-639-2872) project has reached refugees and asylees in a unique way — through their cell phones. Research shows that even newly arrived refugees have cell phones and communicate in high numbers via text message. Refugees, asylees and anyone interested in learning more about the citizenship application process and immigrant integration will benefit from our monthly text messages.

Key Facts:

  • Messages are available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Nepali, French and Somali
  • A subscriber will receive at least two text messages a month
  • Subscription is anonymous. CLINIC will not know the subscriber’s name or address.
  • Message topics will include: where to find a service provider; where to find English classes; facts about U.S. citizenship; information about the benefits; reminders

Texting Instructions

To subscribe in the language of your choice:

Text 1 to 1 (639-2872) to receive messages in English Text 4 to 1 (639-2872) to receive messages in Somali
Text 2 to 1 (639-2872) to receive messages in Arabic Text 5 to 1 (639-2872) to receive messages in Spanish
Text 3 to 1 (639-2872) to receive messages in Nepali Text 6 to 1 (639-2872) to receive messages in French

Enrollment is free. Standard texting rates and data charges may apply.

"The citizenship test requires you to speak basic English, answer questions about U.S. history and government, and read and write in simple English. Start preparing now. Find a citizenship class near you: https://literacydirectory.org"

Contact Leya Speasmaker if you have questions.


Click below for text4refugees flyer (available in Arabic, English, French, Nepali, Somali and Spanish)