Sister Kathleen Moroney’s Legacy of Immigration Justice

Holy Cross Sister Kathleen Moroney is one of many professionals whose service exemplifies the contributions of Catholic sisters in our communities. Perhaps one of her most significant roles has been a legacy of immigration justice work as part of the Holy Cross Ministries of Salt Lake City Legal Immigration Program, a CLINIC affiliate.

Her legacy there included starting and directing the immigration department at Holy Cross and expanding it to provide for the needs of a growing Latino/a immigrant community in the state. What started as “a department of one,” grew to a service organization that has supported many naturalization campaigns, family based immigration work and hundreds of U Visa applications to support victims of crime. In 2016 alone, the program provided services to 2,343 people, including 1,232 screenings to consider immigration options.

Though technically retired, Sister Kathleen works as a volunteer with our Religious Immigration Services department two days a week. She stepped down from Holy Cross in 2017, after 17 years of service. Sister Kathleen has a bachelor’s degree in business from Ohio State University and a law degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Sister Kathleen credits CLINIC trainings for her preparation and knowledge of legal immigration matters. A “true Washingtonian” from a Roman Catholic family, Sister Kathleen remembers attending Mass regularly, volunteering in the church and pursuing a Catholic education. Growing up in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, the Moroney family did not have a traditional Catholic parish home. She even remembers attending Sunday Mass in a movie theater. “Have you ever tried genuflecting in a movie theater aisle… as a kid? It was a challenge.”

The announcement of her retirement in 2017 brought a community together to honor her legacy through the Sr. Kathleen Moroney Legal Service Award, to recognize those who serve the immigrant community with passion and dedication. Sister Kathleen Moroney is an example of the many Catholic Sisters who have dedicated their lives to serve others and who continue to enact justice as leaders, educators, administrators, law professionals, advocates, community organizers—trailblazers.

CLINIC is happy to have been a part of her career and is proud of having her work with us.

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