Case Management: COVID-19 Resources

Pandemic Policy Creator

This resource includes help with creating a telecommuting policy (for when staff must work from home), a reimbursement policy (if staff will need supplies previously made available by the agency), a travel policy (to explain federal, state, and agency travel policies and restrictions), and a comprehensive leave policy that comports with federal law and includes any additional updates or flexibility the agency feels are appropriate during the pandemic.

Immigration Pandemic Plan

This resource can serve as a starting point for an agency's immigration program pandemic plan. Note that each agency should tailor their plan to their unique needs and also to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, policies, and guidelines.

Remote Legal Support: A Guide for Nonprofit and Pro Bono Innovation (Courtesy of Immigration Advocates Network)

This resource serves as a guide to nonprofits who would like to set up or improve remote legal services.

Sample Policies and Procedures