Case Management Toolkit: Database Systems

A good case management database contains both immigration forms and client-specific information. The database may be software for stand-alone or networked computers or it may be web-based with the server off-site. Either way, the choice and utilization of a database is an important investment for your immigration program. In addition to completing forms, the database helps staff manage the caseload and facilitates the writing of data-rich reports and funding proposals. Many of the benefits of a database are noted in the “Benefits of Case Management Software” article below.

After creating your policies and procedures manual, you will better know what functions you need or want from a case management database. The prices and functions of case management databases vary, so you need to research products on the market by talking to the service representative for each vendor and to users of the vendor’s products. Increasingly, web-based systems are necessary for filing applications to the federal government. Among all case management systems, choosing a vendor that provides responsive technical assistance is important in addition to function and cost.