Case Management: Thinking About Case Management

The design and implementation of immigration case management systems will vary among immigration programs since every program is different. However, a program whose case management system works for staff members and meets the needs of clients are the most effective. Such system takes into account the population served, types of services offered, level and experience of staff, agency’s mission, and financial situation to name a few. For organizations providing VAWA immigration services, you need to consider additional factors in your case management system for handling VAWA cases. This may include more time for intakes; interviews and application preparation; a process for collaborating with domestic violence providers to provide application support; additional confidentiality measures to protect the client and staff. Such confidentiality measures may include having a separate interview room for VAWA clients; locking VAWA cases in a separate filing cabinet; limiting access of VAWA cases to those who are working on them; prohibiting staff from taking VAWA cases outside of the office other than for interviews and hearings; and having an exit strategy for staff if the abuser came to the office.