The Civic Engagement of Older Refugees: Recognizing Their Contributions & Supporting Their Particopation

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About This Recording

CLINIC invites refugee service providers to attend a free, web-based conference call training, "The Civic Engagement of Older Refugees."  In this 1 1/2 hour, interactive session, Project SHINE – an initiative of Temple University’s Center for Intergenerational Learning – will present the findings from a recent study that looked at why and how older immigrants and refugees contribute to their families and communities. They will share their insights into promising practices for supporting the engagement of immigrant and refugee elders in meaningful roles in the community and examples of what others around the country are doing. 

This webinar will provide organizations with a framework for understanding civic engagement among refugee seniors, including forms of engagement, motivations, and factors that influence engagement. It will also provide tips and tools for developing efforts to facilitate and support refugee elder civic participation.

This webinar discusses the following:

  • Different forms of civic engagement among refugee seniors, as well as their motivations and factors that influence engagement;
  • Experiences and lessons learned from several projects around the country;
  • Explore ideas for what can be done to develop efforts to support refugee elder civic participation.

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