Community ID Cards A Powerful Integration Tool for all Community Members

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About This Recording

Community-based organizations have great power and potential to enact community change at the local level. Join us as we learn from CLINIC affiliates FaithAction International House, Catholic Charities SW Ohio and La Casa de Amistad who have achieved great success in creating Community ID cards, available to anyone in their community.

These ID cards are accepted as valid forms of ID when requested by police, accepted by municipal offices, and allow card holders to gain access to community benefits, such as a library card. The potential for partnership between non-profit groups and the local police force, local government entities and other community organizations strengthens the power of these Community ID cards.

This webinar will provide specific tips and strategies for starting this type of benefit in your own community, and you will leave the webinar with a clear idea of how this type of initiative can benefit your entire community, not just the foreign-born.

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