Local Fundraising Strategies and Resources

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Is your nonprofit well-known to its community foundation and other local funders? Are your local funders (including municipalities) already well-versed in how your nonprofit will play a dominant role in implementing administrative relief for undocumented immigrants? Have you thought about who you might collaborate with as you apply for funding? In this webinar you will learn from other CLINIC affiliates on how to position your nonprofit to be well-supported.

Learn how to identify, cultivate and receive support from local funders. Learn how to market immigration legal services in a way that interests funders whether or not they typically fund immigration or legal services. Hear about fundraising strategies used by CLINIC affiliates and resources that are available to help.

The importance of local funding is increasing as charitable immigration legal programs await a June U.S. Supreme Court decision that may affirm President Obama’s executive actions of administrative relief for up to 5 million individuals. Many of these individuals will seek quality, low-cost services and meeting this need will require a significant increase in resources. Community foundations and other local funders will play an important role in shaping local outcomes for implementing administrative relief.

This webinar was presented by Jack Holmgren and Michelle Sardone from the CLINIC Legalization Section and Laura Burdick from the Capacity Building Section. Terrie Iacino and Tom Mrosko from two CLINIC affiliates also shared their recent successes in gaining local funding from diverse sources. 

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