Representing Clients under Liberian Refugee Immigrant Fairness and Strategies for Effective Advocacy

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Learn more about how to help your Liberian clients and their family members navigate recent changes in immigration law and policy. This webinar will cover updates on the status of Deferred Enforced Departure, or DED; how to help clients successfully apply for adjustment of status under the new Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness, or LRIF, program before the Dec. 20, 2020, deadline; and how to advocate for a fair and just implementation of LRIF. Presenters will review the LRIF eligibility requirements for Liberian applicants and qualifying family members, with a focus on recently published USCIS Policy Manual guidance. Presenters will also address issues specific to applicants with pending or prior removal proceedings and share practice tips for gathering required evidence and filing successful applications. Finally, presenters will provide updates on CLINIC’s administrative advocacy related to Liberian adjustment and suggestions for community outreach.

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