The Human Consequences of USCIS Policies on Religious Workers: Where Are We Today, and How Can We Continue to Advocate?

Nonimmigrant religious workers play an integral role in the United States by providing essential services to our U.S. communities. The past few years brought many challenges to religious workers and the U.S.-based organizations they serve. The difficulties hindered hundreds of religious workers in significant ways and pushed U.S. organizations to figure out how to serve their communities with fewer workers. In this webinar, we’ll look back at the challenges in the most recent years, including policy changes and processing delays. We’ll also discuss the progress we’ve seen and the current state of play. You’ll hear from our resident religious immigration attorney on how USCIS policies directly impacted their clients and from our policy counsel on how we all can continue to push for religious workers to be treated fairly. We invite all who are interested in learning more about nonimmigrant religious workers to join in!

Workshop Day

Workshop Time

04:15 pm ~ 05:45 pm