Expanding Into the Community

Immigrant integration efforts are ongoing and multilateral. After an agency decides to make integration a priority and begins its efforts, work then needs to be done to expand the work out into the greater community. This work can include partnering with city government, working with local parishes or libraries, creating cross-cultural events, among others.

General Ideas and Inspiration

  • 12 Ways to Promote Integration in Your Community
    Integration happens most successfully at the local level. Positive day to day interactions between local residents encourage mutual understanding of different perspectives and lead to increased respect amongst all those calling a community home.
  • Immigrant Integration Funding Guide
    Immigrant integration is an equal partnership between newcomers and the receiving community who work together to make their community more inclusive. As trusted members in the community, immigration legal service providers play a key role in promoting integration. Nonprofits that engage in integration efforts in addition to legal services increase capacity, expand their services, work with all members in the community, and thus have an increase in opportunities to additional/alternate funding streams.

Establishing Partnerships

  • Increasing Immigrant Integration and Inclusion Through Community Partnerships (Recorded on 03/30/2022)
    Community partnerships are an effective method for nonprofit agencies to promote integration at the local level.
  • Follow the Faithful: the Vital Role Faith-based Organizations Play in Integration Work
    Immigrant integration results, in large part, from local partnerships between newcomers and the receiving community. Faith-based organizations are key partners in integration work.
  • Follow the Mission: The Vital Role Immigration Legal Service Providers Play in Integration Work
    Trust between newcomers and the receiving community is instrumental to integration work. Nonprofit immigration legal service providers are key partners in effective integration and inclusion work.
  • Partnership Toolkit
    Partnerships are a valuable tool for any organization looking to expand or strengthen services in the community. In a well-functioning partnership, all members contribute ideas to the group, coordinate dates and events so that all can participate, and mutually benefit from the partnership.
  • Harnessing the Power of Partnerships
    This webinar training covers how to develop and use partnerships effectively and what resources you can use to manage them. Programs already benefitting from strong partnerships talk about their experiences and provide tips on how to seek out and pursue this type of working relationship. We also talk about how best to reduce the impact of notarios and encourage immigrants to seek out authorized immigration legal services.
  • Volunteer Management Toolkit
    Many tasks in an immigration legal services program can be completed by volunteers. Using volunteers, when possible, frees up staff time that can be devoted to offering more services to clients. This toolkit contains helpful information on how best to use volunteers in your program, how to recruit and retain volunteers, and how to incorporate them into your program’s plan for the passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Sample forms are included as well as sample volunteer job descriptions.

Partnering With Cities

Partnering With Libraries

Partnering With Parishes