CLINIC to Biden Administration: CLINIC Calls for Immediate Protections for Ukrainians in the U.S.

SILVER SPRING, Maryland — Today, as the world watches with deep sorrow and concern over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, CLINIC calls on the Biden-Harris administration to extend an immediate 18-month designation of Temporary Protected Status, known as TPS, or Deferred Enforced Departure, known as DED, and Special Student Relief, known as SSR, for Ukraine. In response to this unprovoked attack, Ukrainians will be forced to flee their homes and Ukrainians in the United States must be kept safe from being returned to harm.

Said Anna Gallagher, CLINIC’s Executive Director: “War is evil and incongruent with our faith values to honor and protect human life. As we watch in horror the attacks unfolding in the neighborhoods and homes of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters, we urge President Biden to protect human life by extending TPS, DED and SSR to Ukrainians currently in the United States. CLINIC has long supported the expansive use of TPS and these other protections to safeguard human lives. There should be no hesitation to act now — the Catholic faith we share with President Biden compels us, and human lives depend upon it.”

Said Lisa Parisio, CLINIC’s Director of Advocacy: “TPS, DED and SSR are all readily available tools that the administration has at its fingertips to provide life-saving protection to Ukrainians here in the U.S. Extending TPS sends a direct and clear foreign policy message to the world that Ukrainian civilians must be protected everywhere. TPS, DED and SSR should always be a part of a U.S. response to war and conflict and we call on the Biden administration to use its clear authority now. There should be no debate and no delay.”