CLINIC Urges Supreme Court to Allow Biden Administration to End ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

SILVER SPRING, Maryland — Today, oral arguments will be heard in the U.S. Supreme Court on the Biden v. Texas case to determine whether the Biden administration can officially terminate the illegal and harmful “Migrant Protection Protocols,” or MPP, policy. The Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc., or CLINIC, rejects MPP, a racist and xenophobic policy that forces people facing dangerous and dehumanizing conditions to navigate a complex legal system with little access to due process or respect for their full human rights.

“The legal rights, safety and humanity of thousands of men, women and children have been ignored as they have been forced to wait in life-threatening conditions in Mexico due to MPP,” said Anna Gallagher, Executive Director of CLINIC. “Catholic Social Teaching and scripture remind us that human beings exercise their God-given dignity when they flee to save their lives. We pray that the Supreme Court will recognize that MPP is both illegal and immoral so that the Biden administration can put an end to the shameful program once and for all.”

Compelled by Catholic faith and the law, CLINIC filed an amicus brief on March 21 to urge the Supreme Court to reverse the lower court ruling brought by Texas and Missouri, which ordered the government to reinstate MPP.

All people seeking asylum are entitled to legal representation and justice and must be treated fairly, regardless of how much money they have or the color of their skin. CLINIC implores the Supreme Court to recognize MPP for what it is — racist, dangerous and meritless — and urges the Supreme Court to reverse the lower court ruling.