After Two Years of Expulsions of Asylum Seekers, CLINIC Continues to Call for an End to Title 42

SILVER SPRING, Maryland — On the second anniversary of the implementation of Title 42, CLINIC urges the Biden administration to fully revoke the inhumane policy that has denied asylum seekers the opportunity to seek life-saving protection and returned them to harm. Title 42, a public health code first invoked by the Trump administration and affirmatively continued by the Biden administration, has been misused under the guise of curbing the spread of coronavirus to expel asylum seekers, resulting in nearly 10,000 incidents of kidnapping, torture, rape and other violent attacks against men, women and children subjected to the policy under the Biden administration.

Today’s shameful anniversary comes shortly after the Centers for Disease Control terminated Title 42 for unaccompanied minors. While grateful that asylum-seeking children have been shielded from being expelled under Title 42, CLINIC stands with medical professionals and the public health commuity to demand a complete rescission of the policy “that has no basis in public health best practice.” Since the beginning of his term, President Biden has been repeatedly called upon to end Title 42, which he initially considered but ultimately defended in court.

“It is shameful that we have reached this anniversary,” said Anna Gallagher, executive director of CLINIC. “The science has told us, over and over, that Title 42 is not justified. Now that the CDC announced it will no longer be blocking unaccompanied children under the order, the lack of justification is even more glaring. If migrant children are not a threat to public health, then neither are migrant families or adults. While we watch much of the nation remove their masks at the public health guidance of this administration, we simultaneously watch the same administration continue to expel vulnerable people back to harm for the supposed protection of public health. We will not stay silent in the face of such hypocrisy. Title 42, as it is being used, is harmful, racist, xenophobic, and outright sinful, and it must be terminated immediately.”