CLINIC Stands with Welcome With Dignity Campaign Partners

SILVER SPRING, Maryland — The Welcome With Dignity Campaign responded to reports that the Biden administration will begin fast-tracking the cases of certain families seeking asylum protection in the United States. Among the representatives for the campaign speaking on this issue was Luis Guerra, CLINIC’s strategic capacity officer and interim campaign manager of the Welcome With Dignity campaign:

"People seeking immigration protection in the United States are not looking for expeditious processing at the expense of a safe, humane and just process. Until we stop Title 42 expulsions that prevent people from making their asylum claims, we will not have a safe and just process. Until we roll back all of the previous administration’s anti-asylum precedents and make community-based support available, we will not have a safe and just process.  

The goals of our asylum system should not be fast tracking cases, but ensuring access to counsel and due process and treating people with dignity.

The consequence of getting this wrong is a literal death sentence for people fleeing violence, persecution and other horrors."

Read the full Welcome With Dignity press release here.